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wax reconstitution

Black beeswax feather and phosphorescent pigment
Red beeswax feathers
Black beeswax feathers
White beeswax feathers
Wax Installation Piece
beeswax installation

I am fascinated with this substance for several reasons : Beeswax is very enduring, as well as being combustible. It can withstand limitless transformations, but can also keep an ephemeral imprint for a very long time. And lastly its smell, which contains a protective and primitive quality. With this very maleable organic substance, I cast and reproduce chosen bird feathers into multiple « prints », made entirely out of wax . These multiples are then gathered and set into a movement of flight, or rather of rising. Light filters through their diaphanous substance, fixing the volatile into a language of its own. Vulnerable and fragile, the wax prints are now materialized icons of flight, embodying its archetype: these experiments were born from within the warm ashes of the Phenix.